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Specialisation is offered in the recruitment of professional employees. The method ideally follows a structured process to ensure the right person is identified and hired:-

  • Position defined in the context of the client’s business
  • Job specification agreed
  • Person specification derived from the job specification
  • Recruitment method selected
  • CVs reviewed using agreed pre-selection criteria to produce a first interview short list
  • Questions designed to elicit evidence of essential key skills
  • Interviews conducted either separately or with the client
  • Candidates marked against the selected skills
  • Second interview short list presented to the client with a brief report on all candidates
  • Questions designed to elicit evidence of essential key skills
  • Assistance with client interviews if required
  • Package negotiated, references taken, etc.
  • Contact maintained with candidate to maximise chance of acceptance


Identifying key skills from CV, weighting them and ranking them to give a total for the candidate.

View example spread sheets here

Services also include:

  • Production of hiring plans
  • Tracking recruitment progress
  • Streamlining administration
  • Identifying bottlenecks
  • Design and management of Assessment Centres
  • Use of Abilities tests

Also available are associates in the field of recruitment advertising and occupational psychology.