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Terms and Conditions of Employment

Advice is available on constructing an integrated employment policy to ensure consistency of approach and avoid mixed messages to staff.

Production of:

  • Employee handbooks
  • Contracts of employment
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Health and Safety policies
  • Relocation policies
  • Equal Opportunities policies
  • Harassment policies
  • Travel policies
  • Training and development policies
  • Discipline and grievance procedures
  • Time off work policies

Employment practices are the manifestation of a Company’s stated employment culture. They need to reinforce management’s values and beliefs and be internally consistent. The ideal of a consistent approach for all employees needs to be balanced by managerial judgment. Policies are therefore usually drafted as enabling documents giving managers freedom to interpret implementation to suit individual situations.

Also available is an associate in the field of employment law. Please click here for more information.